We are software developers. And we are trying to find interesting topics about java development.

If you want to share your experience with us, next technologies would be helpful:

For make new or edit topics enouth github.

  • github
  • markdown
  • linux or mac (for windows users, i think you can use VirtualBox or VmWare to install linux as virtual machine)
  • jekyll
  • docker

Some videos about this technologies:

github: [Codeschool] Mastering GitHub
jekyll: [TutsPlus] Jekyll Essentials [ENG, 2014]
markdown: [PluralSight] Writing Content With Markdown [ENG, 2014]
docker: [PluralSight] Docker Deep Dive [ENG, 2015]

How to create local copy of javadev.org:

  1. Install docker
  2. Copy our environment or make yours.
  3. Clone sources from github.
  4. Start jekyll project.

If you want to add topic to us:

5. Commit changes and send pull request to us.

More detail i’ll write later.