Job Offer

Hello, we are software developers from RUSSIA:

Software developers from RUSSIA

And I have active connections with java developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We could try to work on together as team remote developers on any projects.

I’m looking for new temporary job on projects.

When i worked on NetCracker (NEC department), i worked with oracle servers from Russia, Europe, Australia, Canada, America, India.

When i worked on RosBank, i worked with oracle servers from all regions from Russia.
Unfortunately, i have no any visa to work in the USA, Canada, Europe. If you’ll want to suggest me on international project, please help me with visa before.

I can work remotely as Java, PL/SQL Developer with Wildfly (Jboss), Weblogic, Oracle Database.

There is a financial and political crisis on in the Russia, and i should try to looking for a job out of scope of Russia.

Our current salary is something between $1000 and $2000.

If my person and suggestion would be interesting, send me emai.