Using the Oracle Maven Repository with Nexus 2:

Nexus 3 versions do not yet have support for proxying



License should be approved:

For Oracle ADF projects:

As it turns out the version is available but Nexus doesn’t display it but when you request a POM file it will be served as expected.

$ cd /opt/nexus/current/conf
$ cp

$ vi

add in the bottom:

# Comma separated list of hostnames that needs to accept circular redirections
# Comma separated list of hostnames that benefit from using cookies

$ nexus restart


Repositories -> Add –> Proxy Repository

Repository ID: maven-oracle
Repository Name: Maven Oracle

Remote Storage Location:


Your Username:
Your Password:


Public Repositories (group) –> configuration

Move Maven Oracle to left

Setup Default Maven Properties to use Nexus Repos

$ mkdir -p /home/developer/.m2/

$ vi /home/developer/.m2/settings.xml

My config. I will update it later (i hope).

              <id>Public Repositories</id>
              <id>Public Repositories</id>